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Respiratory Treatment

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  • Bronchitis

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1. Allergic Rhinitis
2. Pharyngitis
3. Laryngitis
4. Tonsillitis
5. Sinusitis


1. Asthama


Homeopathy is a scientific medical alternative for treating a wide range of chronic ailments. The basic approch in Homeopathy is to evaluate the disease from its whole extent.
At Nash Homeplex, we treat respiratory infections from the root rather than suppressing its symptoms. Nash treatment helps in removing all types of allergies. We firmly believe in enchancing body’s own defence mechanism to maintain the healthy status without any side effect.
Here, our aim is to enchance body’s own healing capacity so that the human system does not react adversely to the allergens, which are considered external factors affecting the system.


Is an allergic reaction in the linings of the nose and sinuses. It means inflammation or swelling. 'Rhino' means nose and 'allergic' means hyper-reactivity.
Common Allergens Are:
Tree Pollens, Grass Pollens, Animal Dander, Indoor Moulds, Cockroaches, Other Insects, Animal Feathers, Fur, Etc.
Allergic Rhinitis Can Be Of Two Types:

1. Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis:
Occurs in patients who develop allergies to substances which are present only in certain seasons in the year. Tree pollen & grass pollen commonly lead to SAR.
2. Perennial Allergic Rhinitis:
Occurs when patients develop allergy to substances that are present throughout the year like dust and animal dander are the two most common example.
How Dangerous Is Allergic Rhinitis:
Even though allergic rhinitis is a non-fatal disorder, it can cause considerable distress, chronic congestion, sneezing and a continuous running nose.


Infection leading to inflammation of the pharynx is referred to as pharyngitis. Since the tonsil are in close proximity with the pharynx they too are often involved in the infection leading to tonsillitis. Together, it is referred as pharyngotonsillitis or simply as sore throat. The common symptoms of sore throat are: pain in throat especially while swallowing, fever, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting and some-times pain in the stomach as well.


When a person experiences 6 or more episodes of sore throat in a year, each requiring medical assistance, it can be termed as recurrent sore throat. These episodes occur in patients whose body immunity lowers, making the patient more susceptible to bacterial infection in the throat. It is important to treat this condition otherwise it can lead to the following three complications.

1. Chronic Tonsillitis:
In case of chronic tonsillitis, the tonsils themselves begin to harbor the infection, which temporarily resolves with immediate treatment.
2. Chronic Adenoid Infection And Adenoid Enlargement:
Adenoid enlargement is more dangerous than tonsillar enlargement, especially if uncontrolled.
3. Peritonsillar Abscess:
This is the collection of pus between the infected tonsils and the walls of the upper pharynx forming an abscess leading to increasing pain.


The word ‘larynx’ is derived from the ancient word 'larunx' which literally means sound producing box. Laryngitis is the inflammation of the voice – box or larynx. Due to over use of voice infection.


Occurs due to over use of voice, typically seen in singers, classroom teacher, preachers and of late also in stockbrokers. It may also occur as a complication of viral and bacteria of the throat.


Sinuses are cavities located in the skull bones. The human body has 4 sinuses. Inflammation of these, most commonly due to infection, is sinusitis.

Sinusitis Can Be Of Two Types:
A. Acute
Which Lasts For 3 Weeks Or Less.
B. Chronic:
In which sinusitis persists beyond 3 weeks, continues for months or years and has acute severe episodes in between.

Symptoms Of Sinusitis:
The most common symptom is pain in the head particularly one - sided
Pain in the forehead, above the eyebrows.
In the cheekbones, on either side of the nose. In severe cases, your upper jaw and teeth may ache.
Between the eyes along with swelling of the eyelids and tissues around your eye. Sometimes, the site of your nose may feel tender to touch. A loss of smell and a stuffy nose are other accompanying symptoms.
Deep ache located at the top of the head along with ear ache and neck pain.

Chronic Sinusitis:
This is the most trouble some form of sinusitis. It is mostly allergic in nature and is seen together with other allergic conditions like allergic rhinitis and asthma.
Important Symptoms Of Chronic Sinusites:
Persistent daily headaches.
Post nasal drip, this is a condition in which the excess mucus passes out of the sinus and travels through the back of the nose and keeps dripping onto the throat, makes the patient want to constantly clear throat and in severe cases also leads to bad breath, chronic cough & nocturnal asthma.
Stuffed nose.
Decreased sense of smell or loss of smell and taste.
Tooth ache.
Tiredness, lack of concentration, low productivity.


According to the world health organisation, between 100 & 150 million people around the globe, roughly the equivalent of the population of the russian federation, suffer from asthma. World wide, deaths from this condition has reached over 2 lacs per annually. Asthma is derived from the ancient greek word 'azein', which means to "breathe hard". During normal breathing, the bands of muscle that surround the airways are relieved and air moves freely.
Cause Of Asthma:
1 - Dust.
2 - Moulds.
3 - Pollen.
4 - Air Pollution.
5 - Cigarette Smoke.
6 - Strong Perfumes.
7 - Changes In Temperature.
8 - Respiratory Infection Like Bronchitis, Common Cold, Flu.
9 - Emotional Upsets.
10 - Stress.

Different Types Of Asthma:
There Are 5 Types Of Asthma.

1. Allergic Asthma:
Also known as type - 1 asthma. This type is commonly seen in children. This form of asthma occurs mainly as a reaction to the allergens.
2. Intrinsic Asthma:
Hypersensitivity or allergy do not cause this type of asthma. Acute attacks occur more as a bronchial reaction to irritation produced by some of substances named above, most commonly smoke.
3. Exercise Induced Asthma:
Exercise induced asthma refers to asthma symptoms that are triggered by exercise or excessive physical activity. The symptoms are usually noticed during or shortly after exercise.
4. Nocturnal Asthma:
This refers to the type of asthma where the symptoms get worse in the middle of the night. Nocturnal asthma may occur because of a concomitant presence of sinusites with postnasal drip, which tiggers off the attack in the middle of the night. This also changes the blood levels of certain hormones.
5. Stomach Related Asthma:
Very recent research has shown increasing evidence of a link between particular stomach disorders called gastroesophageal reflux and asthama. There is a reflux of the stomach contents most of which is acid into the food pipe, some times all the way back to the throat.
How Can One Detect The Presence Of Asthma In A Child:
In children detection of asthma can some times be difficult, as a child is not able to convey to the parents the feeling of breathlessness. If there is history of allergic asthma in the family, look out for the following indication of asthma in your child.
Wheezing - a whistling sound that is heard when breathing out, it can be sometimes heard by putting your ear against the child's chest.
Persistent coughing - especially if combined with wheezing – fits of coughing or difficulty in breathing during or after play. Wheezing, coughing or difficult breathing that wakes the child from sleep. Child finds it difficult to exhale the air and increased effort to do so produces a wheezing sound.


Individual tendency to frequent respiratory tract infection can best be treated with Homeopathic approach of individual treatment.
Nash Homeopathy treats acute and reccurring episode of RTI as well as the tendency to have infections or allergy. It is almost possible to avoid antibiotics and surgery (like sinus,tonsils) if one adopts Homeopathic alternative.
Our properly planned Nash treatment helps in removing all types of allergies. The aim of our treatment is to improve and correct the body immunity, so, that it can successfully deal with the infection.